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Day Care

If a child is on campus at 2:45 (and not involved in a school activity) he or she will automatically be signed into Day Care.

You are issued one statement card and one envelope for the entire school year. Please do not write on the card or on the envelope. You will be charged for replacing the card ($3.00) and/or the envelope ($2.00) if you write anything on them.

You will be billed the first or the second week of each month for the previous month’s day care hours. Payment is due upon receipt of the statement. 2011-2012 fees are as follows:

For one child, $3.25 per hour (maximum $125.00 per month).

For 2 children $4.50 per hour (maximum $160.00 per month).

For 3 or more children $5.50 per hour (maximum $190.00 per month).

Cash is OK. Checks should be made to St. Bridget of Sweden School. If your statement card and/or envelope is not in the school office by the end of each month you will be charged $3.00 to replace the card and $2.00 to replace the envelope. Be sure to return the card and envelope even if you are not making a complete payment. If you are making no payment please include a note, so we know you received the statement.

Day care is over at 6:00 pm. There is a $1.00 per minute charge after 6:00 pm each day. Parents must sign out their child. If children are not signed out by a responsible adult, you will be charged until 6:00 pm that day. The day care workers are unable to sign out children. Please be considerate of our day care employees’ time and commitments.

The day care program is run separately from the school finance department. Please do not include your day care payment with tuition or any other payment.

Thank you in advance for your time and cooperation throughout this school year.


Dress Code

All students are required to be in school uniforms at all times. Our goal is to have the students look unified in an appearance that the entire community can feel pride.

We, the faculty, ask you, the parents, to be aware of the code and help enforce the code by seeing that your children arrive at school in uniform.



St. Bridget of Sweden School opened on September 10, 1957. Sister Francis Paul, the Principal, taught the fourth grade and administered to a faculty of seven teachers. Students from grades one through four initially filled the classrooms; an additional grade was added each year until all eight grades were taught. The first class of 48 students graduated in June, 1962.

St. Bridget of Sweden alumni have maintained ties with the school and parish, often enrolling children and grandchildren at the school.

St. Bridget of Sweden School has developed and maintained spiritual, intellectual, and physical goals for its students. Each year, students are honored as junior high decathlon participants and are recognized as statewide Knights of Columbus essay contest winners. Students excel in sports such as basketball, volleyball, baseball, football, and track. St. Bridget students continue to display their musical and dramatic talents in annual school wide Spring Sings, Christmas programs, and summer musicals. Alumni of St. Bridget of Sweden receive top honors at local high schools, and many are awarded scholarships to universities and colleges throughout the United States.

Since 1962, over fifteen hundred students have graduated from St. Bridget of Sweden School, and over six thousand students have passed through the doors of the school. Alumni have become active members of their communities, contributing their talents and energy to churches, jobs, and schools in all professional categories.


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