May 18 News – Graduation, and MORE!

Thank You
A big THANK YOU to all those who helped make Teacher Appreciation Week so special! The teachers were overwhelmed by your kindness! Mrs. Lopez: “…so thankful and blessed” Dr. Alpert: “ blessed by your generosity” Mr. Pawlak: “To our caring school community- Thank you” Mrs. Barajas-Pulido: “Thank you for the beautiful flowers… double dose of Benadryl!” Mr. Mendoza: “Thanks! I love Snickers!” Mrs. Sloniker: “All we do is reinforce the great things you do at home! Thank you!” Mrs. Lopez: “Where are my Snickers??” Ms. Spacarelli: “Thank you for all the Snickers bars. Snickers brownies for everyone! Ms. El-Khouri: “Thank you for… the delightful treats!” Ms. Villardo: I Was blown away by all the generosity and kindness!” Mr. Mendoza: “I mmmreally like mmfSnickers” Mrs. Saunders: “Your kindness and generosity this week were amazing!” Ms. Tallis: “Muchas Gracias – Vielen Dank – Wielkie Dzieki – Merci Beaucoup – Maraming Salamat – Many Thanks!!!” Mrs. Hernandez: Thank you all for the generous gifts what a treat!

Summer School
Summer School begins on Monday, June 18th. Please send in your forms and payment with your selection of summer school classes. If you need additional forms, please contact the office.

Eighth grade students will be graduating on Friday, June 1st, beginning with 7:00 pm Mass in the church. The graduation ceremony follows Mass. There will also be a reception in the hall for graduates and their families. Eighth grade students are to report to the their classroom at 6:30 pm.
Doors to the church will open at 6:30 pm for seating.

Graduation Pictures
For those who have not turned in your portrait order form, they are now due. You may send your order form with payment to the office or pay online at: If you do not wish to purchase them, please return them to the office asap.

Science Fair
Join us for the SBS Annual Science Fair Thursday, May 24th from 12:30-2:00 PM in the school hall.

May Crowning
Please Join us for our May Crowning Celebration Wednesday, May 23rd. From 1:00- 1:40pm in the Church. Please bring flowers.

Spring Sing
A BIG thank you to teachers, students and parents for your help and enthusiastic participation in the school Spring Sing Concert. Let’s do it all again next year!

For those that ordered the 2017-18 St. Bridget School yearbook, parents will need to pick them up on Tuesday, May 29th. From 2:30 – 6:00PM. We will have a table outside by the flag pole. If you did not order one, there are a few available to purchase. If interested, please contact the yearbook committee.

Library Notes
The music of Spring Sing is another marker of change in our school year sojourn. In the remaining days of this year’s school calendar, the Library notes we will be sounding here will have a few themes. First is to invite students to take advantage of our Library resources. Second is to remind our borrowers to return their books when due. And, last but not least, to express our gratitude for the modeling and encouragement that our SBS families provide to their SBS students to read. Your support remains much appreciated.

For all tuition and service questions, please email

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