Oct. 25 News – Jr. High Dance, and MORE!

Jr. High Dance
Our first Jr. High Dance, for seventh and eighth grade students, will be Friday, October 27th, 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. All students must have a signed permission slip to attend the dance. Sodas and bottles of water will be sold for fifty cents and snacks will be provided. The permission slip is included in this week’s family envelope, please return it asap.

Tuesday, October 31st, students will be celebrating Halloween. Students are to come to school dressed in their costume. There will be a Halloween parade in the parking lot at eight o’clock. Please don’t be late, so that all children will be able to participate in the parade. There will be Student Council sponsored activities in the afternoon. Prizes will be given for the best costume from each class. Children may change into their school uniform after the parade if they choose to.

Library Notes: Updates
Two points: First, we begin by conveying a Great Big THANK YOU for our SBS community’s support of our annual Book Fair. Your care for students’ reading led to our exceeding a $5K sales goal by nearly $400. And most appreciatively, as well, thirteen parent volunteers made successful operation of our five-day Fair possible.
Second, we now move forward, gratefully seeking SBS families’ help, once again, in getting Overdue Library books returned and enabling others to enjoy the resources of our Library.

School Calendar
The calendar is available online at the school website. If you would like a hard copy, please send in a request to sbosemails@yahoo.com

NO Paper Family Envelope
Most families are now receiving only this email version of the newsletter and related flyers. Please reply to sbosemails@yahoo.com if there are any problems

For all tuition and service our questions please email sbstuitionof2@gmail.com

New On Campus Procedures
This summer new security front doors were installed. In order to get in, you will need to ring the buzzer. The office will be able to see and hear the visitor and open the door automatically. The two gates on Whitaker and Sherman way will be locked during the school day. Our goal is to enhance security for the campus.

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